CAN boss calls for total rejection of gay marriage

…Suggests special court for terrorists

By Ifeoma Ofurum

The Anglican communion and Christians in Nigeria have been changed to reject gay marriage in the country.

The Chairman of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Imo State Branch, Bishop Stafford Nwaogu stated this while speaking to newsmen in his office.

Bishop Nwaogu who said gay marriage is an abomination to our culture, also said that the bible condemned it in Romans 1 and the book of Leviticus. He noted that the Anglican Communion championed the fight against it some years ago, which, he said, led to the division in the Anglican faith in America.

According to him, gay marriage is strange and unacceptable to our culture. He stressed that it is one of the end time manifestations which, he said, Christ preached, saying that “at the end, iniquity shall be in the increase”.

Reacting to the rumour that President Muhamadu Buhari’s visit to the United States of America was in relation to accepting gay marriage, the CAN boss said the president could not have done so because he knows that gay marriage is an abomination to all the zones and tribes of Nigeria, adding that he also knows that the former president Goodluck Jonathan and the National Assembly during his tenure rejected it, “So he cannot single handedly accept gay marriage for the nation,” he said.

“No president, whether America or any western country has the right to impose their values on our value. For it will destroy the essence of the nation and its undemocratic,” he said. He further stated that if America wants to help us in fighting Boko Haram, they should do so without imposing their values on us.

He, however, recalled on the sudden withdrawal of the western nations aids to Uganda just because the lawmakers passed a law against gay marriage in their country. He then wondered if the Western countries are playing on the poverty of the Africa continent so that it can easily be manipulated through its leaders.

According to him, rumour has it that any country that rejects gay marriage will be punished. He therefore urged Nigerians to pray always and stand on the truth which is the word of God. He then commended Russia for firmly rejecting gay marriage.

Reacting to the recent increase on Boko haram attacks, Bishop Nwaogu suggested that the president should cooperate with the security agencies, the governors and emirs of the affected states, and the National Assembly so as to get approval of whatever amount of money involved. He Pointed, out that a special court that will handle insurgency related cases should be created so as to give it urgent attention.

He, however, advised that the president should immediately appoint ministers and functionaries, while the governors who have not appointed commissioners do so quickly so that they will aid them deliver good governance. “For they cannot rule alone”

He also advised Church Leaders to organize vigilante groups that will guide the church, inspect the premises and cars with security gargets, before, during and after church programmes to ensure that there are no strange objects in the environment, who will equally report to the security agencies should they find any object.

He also advised Government to provide adequate security to the government houses, offices and the media stations as well as public places. Noting that bomb disposal squad should be created and equip so that they will handle explosive devices when discovered.

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