Pensioners’ plight in Imo reechoes

…As retired perm sec laments

By Nick Chibunna

Imo State government have been accused of total insensitivity to the plight of pensioners as it embarks on white elephant projects while the pensioners pine away and die.

The grim allegation was made recently by a retired permanent secretary in the State Ministry of Information, Mr Fabian Agba while speaking to journalists after a meeting of members of Imo State branch of the Nigerian Union of Pensioners (NUP) last week.

Mr Agba who is also the secretary of the Association of Retired Permanent Secretaries in Imo State alleged that all efforts to meet the state governor on how the problems of pensioners in the state have been shunned.

In the words of the visibly better ex-permanent secretary. “This government wants pensioners to die as we are being treated as refuse meant to be discarded”.

Mr Agba noted that many Nigerians who receive their pensions abroad do so without any hitch contrasting it with the case in Nigeria where “it is with pains and tears”.

Again, he faulted the mode of payment of pensions in Imo State through the Community Government Council (CGC) which he said is not convenient to many pensioners who have not fully relocated to their rural communities.

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