Beggars vow to pray El-Rufai out of office

Beggars in Kaduna State under the auspices of Kaduna State Beggars Association has warned Kaduna State Governor, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai, to rescind immediately his order banning begging in the state, lest they pray him out of office.

Their tough-talking spokesman and a blindman, Mallam Yahaya Makaho recalled that they used proceeds from begging to campaign for his victory at the last election, apart from meeting their basic needs with the proceeds from begging.

He said that if the governor fails to heed to their appeal, that “we shall make sure his government falls”.

According to him, “we will hand him over to the Almighty God and we know he will remove him the same way he removed the former person”.

Mallam Makaho pathetically disclosed that some of them have four wives and children and have been maintaining them through begging which they resorted to because of their incapacities.

But Governor El-Rufai said they were cleared from the streets not out of malice but for security reasons as hawkers and beggars allegedly were used by terrorists as bomb couriers.


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