Imperatives of implementing confab report

Implementing the recommendations of the Confab report is part of the change we expect for a stable Nigeria. Friends and enemies of Nigeria need to see eye to eye on this. The level of discontentment and anger at the way Nigeria has been going on with everyone complaining (including those who have been alleged as the internal colonization clique of Nigeria) is a time bomb any lover of a united Nigeria must seek to diffuse with efforts like the Confab. It is for this reason that many had called for a national sovereign conference that would have been sealed with a plebiscite but our lawmakers fought against our wishes and those who opposed the whole idea of a restructuring of Nigeria from a less unitary state to a functional confederacy of self determining entities have worked hard to make it a still born. One loud-mouthed spokesman did not hide his feelings at all when at the victory of the APC his greatest joy and request was that Jonathan should carry the confab report with him to Otuoke as he vacates the Aso Rock Villa.

Again our lame effort short of the South Africa’s Truth Commission in the Oputa panel which was vigorously opposed by some key players in the unenviable past of a floundering nation was buried by the court injunction of IBB, the grand Maradona.

If Nigeria is to survive the doom prophecies of her imminent spluttering and splintering to pieces, then those who lead or rule her must seek to heal the wounds that has bleed the life out of us. So much hate and bitterness still fouls our heart and disposition to one another. The Nigerian generals who fought and won the war did not win the peace. We still hear and see the dark seeds of hatred and bitterness against the Biafrans. When will the embers of the Biafran / Nigerian war be finally quenched and a new nation of true brotherhood be built on the ashes of a useless war we have refused to learn our lessons from?. Will God wait for the death of all the key players in the war before allowing Nigeria to return to the spirit of the Aburi Accord that was scuttled and paved the way for the civil war.? We have not dealt yet with the spiritual baggage that hang on Nigeria on account of the innocent blood spilled at the pogroms and the civil war. And now the Boko haram war is compounding the blood guilt of Nigeria as a nation and the masterminds of the damning blood bath for internal colonial economic ascendancy masquerading in political and religious hoods.

Until we decide as a lost basket case to end our life in denials and agree to tell our selves the truth, this nation shall continue the downhill race to the dunghill of history. ONLY THE TRUTH SHALL SET NIGERIA FREE. ONLY CONFESSIONS AND ACCEPTANCE OF FORGIVENESS SHALL HEAL THE LANDS AND ASSUAGE THE BLOOD OF THE INNOCENT EVER PLEADING AT THE THRONE OF GOD FOR JUSTICE AND RETRIBUTION. Nigeria shine your eyes. Your problem lies in your lies, injustice, hatred, tribalism, ethnicity and blood guilt.

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