SDP chieftain faults bail-out deal for governors … Says those who live in luxury don’t deserve bail-out

Imo State chairman of Social Democratic Party (SDP), Ogbuehi Amafili has faulted the bail-out fund approved by President Buhari to the governors for the settlement of salaries owed to state workers, describing it as a waste.

In an exclusive chat with Christian Voice on sundry national issues, he accused governors of lacking in integrity and living in luxury while workers and pensioners wallow in penury for non-payment of their salaries and pensions.

As many Igbos grumble that President Buhari has so far excluded Igbos from his key appointments, the SDP helmsman saw the matter differently as he contended that the president did not do it out of spite for Igbos but because he wanted the best.

On the National Assembly, he described the House of Representatives as a waste-pipe to the nation and should be scrapped.

He advocated that law-making at the two chambers should be on part-time and that their allowances be reduced with no legislator earning more than the salary of a federal permanent secretary.


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