Bishop Okorafor berates politicians …Says they are confused

An Anglican Prelate, Rt. Rev. Geoffrey Okorafor, has described the Nigerian politician as “confused”, saying that the nation, under their watch, is invariably a confused country.

Rt. Rev. Okorafor made the remarks during a Eucharistic service of confirmation, admission and induction for Emekuku Parish at St. Stephen’s Anglican Church, Emekuku Owerri North Local Government Area, Imo State, wondered why virtually all states of the federation now look up to federal government for funds to pay the wages of their civil servants and pensioners. He said it was inexplicable that the concerned states, despite collecting their monthly statutory federation allocations and their internally generated revenue, were still unable to pay their workers and pensioners. The Bishop pointed out that it was a grievous sin against God to abandon these senior citizens who had put in the better part of their lives in the service of the nation.

The Anglican prelate also advised parents to show more commitment in their watch over their children ensuring that they were brought up in the love and fear of God. He bemoaned situations when parents cannot account for the whereabouts of their children, sometimes late into the night and urged for increased vigilance to be sure their children conform within societal norms. He also cautioned children to always obey and honour their parents else they would be doomed for life.

He further advised them to guard against being cursed by them as such curses were efficacious. The Bishop commended the harmonious relationship between the Vicar, Rev Canon Emmanuel Ahumibe, the clerics and other Church workers in the parish and urged its sustenance.

In his homily earlier the Bishop’s Chaplain, Rev Progress Okoroafor, challenged Christians especially elders in the Church to willingly take care of the congregation under their watch. He explained that taking care of them should not be for any gain or profit but rather as sacrifice.

Rev Okoroafor further advised that as shepherd they should be able to guard and seek after any of them that strayed away. He observed with regret that at all levels of the Nigerian society, those whose duties it were to take care of these flock have abandoned this responsibility, turning themselves into wolves. He said they have not only continued to lord it over those entrusted to them but have become parochial and selfish. God he stressed would visit on them the evil of their doings, especially those who not only destroy and scatter His flock but devour them.

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