Passenger pummels tricyclist after falling from keke

By Victor Igwe

An aggrieved passenger who fell from a tricycle in Owerri at the weekend, decided to have his pound of flesh, pouncing on the tricyclist and beating him mercilessly.

Disregarding all entreaties, the bulky passenger (names withheld), who felt it was the fault of the tricyclist, pummeled the ‘keke’ rider, who put up a feeble attempt to defend himself.

Bystanders who gathered at the scene of the fight, however, blamed the tricyclist who was said to have applied his brakes suddenly, throwing off the passenger from the cycle and wounding him extensively.

He was compelled to take the passenger to a nearly chemist for treatment.

Speaking to Christian Voice, the tricyclist who was heading to Orji, near Owerri, said he did it inadvertently but blamed the passenger for attempting to alight from the cycle when it was in motion.

He said most of the passengers he encounters have that impulse, saying that it was wrong and must be avoided.

The incident happened at junction of Okigwe Road and Mbari Street.



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