St. Paul’s Ohuba Ubomiri marks CMS anniversary in style

By Gid Ahanonu

The last CMS Anniversary was marked in a special way at St. Paul’s (Ang) Church, Ohuba, Ubomiri with the celebration of the 96th anniversary of a prominent parishioner, Ezinne Lady Keziah Ekeocha, whose birthday, strikingly, fell on the 27th of July, the same day the Anglican Church was born in Igboland.

Preaching at the occasion, the priest-in-charge of the church, Rev. Christian Oparaojiaku described the gospel as the light that illuminates the world as he urged Christians to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ with the light in them.

He warned Christians not to lose the light and salt qualities in them more so now the signs of the end time loom large.

Tracing the advent of Christianity in Igboland the preacher concluded that the progress of most societies was anchored on the advent of Christianity which brought the gospel, education and health care as instituted by Christ in the gospel of Mathew 5:1-2.

He frowned at the attitude of some Christians who fear the devil positing that the light in them has the power to dispel darkness which the devil represented.

The first lesson from Genesis 1: 1 was read by Ezinne Lady Kezia Ekeocha while Mr. Chizitere Nnawuihe handled the second from Acts 16: 19 – end.

The highlight of the occasion was the cutting of the birthday cake donated by the church in honour of Ezinne Keziah O. Ekeocha.

The church also gave her a copy of the Holy Bible and a Certificate of Honour.

In her response, she expressed gratitude to the congregation for the honour and described the priest-in-charge as a man with the gospel in his mouth every time. She prayed for the church generally and rendered a moving solo song.


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