Anti-corruption war must be total -Prof tells Buhari, says there should be no sacred cows

By Nick Chibunna

A university don has posited that President Buhari’s current anti-corruption crusade would amount to an exercise in futility if it is not total and all-embracing.

Speaking on Sundry national issues recently, the Head of the Department of English, Imo State University, Prof. Polycarp Anyanwu, urged the president to beam the searchlight on all public officials including the present and former governors.

Prof. Anyanwu equally called for the total over-hauling of the judiciary, police, military, customs, various ministries, departments and agencies adding that would ensure justice.

He opined that if corruption is eliminated from the system that the question of non-payment of workers’ salaries and pensioners’ entitlements would end and so would kidnapping, armed robbery, unemployment and other social vices be things of the past.

On the view that Nigerian Universities churn out poor-quality graduates, the HOD countered that some universities in Nigeria were doing their best to promote quality education to produce graduates that meet international standards.

On the emphasis on paper qualifications and certificates which many believe encourage examination malpractices and corruption in the university system, Prof. Anyanwu contended that the certificate is the only way to prove that one has been trained in a particular discipline. But he was quick to add that if proven that one had gotten his certificate fraudulently, he or she and those who issued it should be made to face the music.

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