Canon Nwogu advises Christians to prepare for end-time …As Owerri Knights end retreat

By Chinasa Ogbonna

The Knights of St. Christopher of the Anglican Diocesan of Owerri recently held the 2nd Retreat at the Cathedral Church of Our Lord (CATOL), Owerri with a talk on the theme; “The challenges of faithfulness in end-time:.

Delivering the talk, the retreatant and one of the Knights’ Chaplain, Rev. Canon Echi Nwogu, posited that spiritual revival which sets the tone societal developments is what Nigeria needs most at this critical times.

He noted that the end time is around the corner, counseling Christians to readjust spiritually and not to allow anything to stand against their faith.

Canon Echi emphasized that the happenings in today’s world including same-sex marriage, insurgency, violence, bribery and corruption were clear evidences that the end-time was at hand as he likened the situation to the days of Noah, Sodom and Gomorrah.

Referring to the theme of the last retreat- “Go and sell all you have – and come and follow me,” the retreatant submitted that wealth and power pose great challenges to the Christian faith.

He then noted that riches should not be more important than God and salvation and urged those in power to exercise their God-given power with conscience and to be humble.

In his remarks, the President Council of Knights, Sir Gab Oduah, lamented that Christians no longer take Christianity seriously as he urged Christians to prepare themselves for the end-time.

He observed that as Knights they are under public scrutiny, regretting that some Knights bring bad name to the group and that such retreats offer them the opportunity to re-examine themselves and their faith.



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