Emmanuel Church, Achara Layout hold youth harvest

From Emma Uwanekezi, Enugu

Emmanuel Anglican Church, Achara Layout in Enugu Diocese recently held the annual Youth Harvest and thanksgiving during which the youths participated actively with youthful vigour and zeal to the delight of the congregation.

In a striking but touching scene, an elderly member of the congregation broke down in tears and when asked why, he said he had wasted his youth and wished he was younger, lamenting that “it is now too tale.”

To underscore how elaborate the occasion was, there were two services with the curate of the church, Rev. Can. Nelson Ekwe preaching the sermon based on Acts 6:1-end.

And at the second service, Rev. B.C. Chukwu said the sermon with the theme; “Do not act as a foolish young ruler.”

He recalled the biblical parable of the young rich man told by Christ and summarized that the problem with the rich man was that he lacked the spirit of giving.

The preacher posited that what mattered was not being rich but how one used his wealth to help the poor.

Urging the congregation not to be like the rich young man, Rev. Chukwu declared that “your degree of receiving is proportionate to your giving and that “our giving must be in proportion to what God has given us”.

The chairman of the Harvest Committee, Mr. Emeka Umeoduagu advised the youths to continue with their good deeds as he admonished them to serve God in their youth so that God will not abandon them at their old age.


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