Imo rural dwellers need urgent rescue …Roads in shambles

The Imo State Ministry of works recently announced the commencement of emergency road repairs in the urban cities of Owerri Orlu and Okigwe.

As laudable as this may be, it has to be pointed out that many rural communities in the state are virtually inaccessible owing to the terrible state of the roads.

In effect, these rural roads demand palliative repairs like those in the urban areas.

Indeed, they require to be given immediate attention even more than those in the urban areas as they form the conduits through which food produced in the rural communities are transported to the cities.

Many of the roads in question are those on which construction work had not been concluded before the advent of the rains hence we advocate that the contractors be asked to construct emergency access roads into the communities as is the standard practice in the industry.

We sincerely advise government to do everything in its power to ensure the completion of the construction of these roads at the end of the rain in a few months’ time.

The people in these areas will be saved, at last, from their ordeals with regard to impassable roads which perennially confront them each rainy season.

Some of them include; Nkwor-Orji-Obazu Orie-Mbieri road, Nwaorieubi- Nkwor Orodo, Umuguma road, Ogwa roads, Akabo-Amata-Uzoagba roads, Obazu-Eziome road, Nkwor-Orodo-Ohohia, Orie Mbieri roads and several others.

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