“Who says we are against same sex marriage?”

I was listening to a radio program in one of the FM stations in the South East of Nigeria and the male presenter was discussing with her female colleague on the latest fashion worn by a certain female music star. I feel ashamed to quote word for word the positive remarks he made about the underwear of the female musician, which she wore publicly in her latest show somewhere in Nigeria. Now this happened in Nigeria, where we boast that certain values and lifestyles promoted by the Americans and Europeans are alien to our culture and values. I am a “Jew man,” for sure, because “there is nothing wrong with a woman covering her nakedness with just a pant and brazier” –in public? “Common, you should see the beauty and not what you think is nudity!” –That was what a so called campus pastor told me sometime ago when I lamented the gradually putting off of our clothes in the name of fashion.

Our voice against sodomy is just an epilogue if not the Nunc dimitis of our moral values. For sure I am going to annoy some here with this piece. Homosexuals, Lesbians, and all other unimaginable stuffs like transgender and pan-gender are with us. All our efforts to deny that it is not part of our culture, is nothing but the last minute dance with death by a man who has already been hamstrung by the hang man. In Igboland, when a goat being executed for the soup pot has its throat slit it makes a last minute desperate useless noise and epileptic movement. This however does not change its appointment with the soup pot. This epileptic noise and movement is what is called in Igbo “Igba lika-lika.” So the whole noise by some who are in opposition to sodomy might be nothing but a cacophonous music being danced by some people in their terminal state of moral denigration otherwise called “igbalikalikalism.”

How we got to this stage is somewhat an answer requiring deep introspection. I cannot say it all but our approval of certain lifestyles and values which were hitherto an abomination but now seen as normal can help us. When men can now wear ear rings lip sticks and adorn themselves to look like women and parents wish it away as simple innocent hearted dressing, what do we expect? When suddenly we have redefined nudity and nakedness to mean a covering of only the genitalia, then as far as a man or woman can cover these with panties and brazier or worst still, with strings and ropes, and then go about half naked -that is okay. What do we expect when the normal has become the abnormal and vice versa? What used to be improper dressing is currently highly celebrated and tolerated in churches. It has come to a stage that those who oppose the celebration of these immoral half nakedness especially among our women folk are being shouted down and called primitively depraved puritans. When an emerging depraved culture is being celebrated and supported by the church and her leaders what else is left of our moral values? -We are yet in the alpha stage of our terminal igbalikalika malady. The reason is that a fallen tree still remains green, even after some days. A fallen tree though green is dead. The root of our values has been uprooted and its final death is just a matter of a brief period of time.

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