Governors are wasteful -Activist demands auditing of state accounts, transparency

A legal practitioner and human rights activist, Barr. Wisdom Durueke, has called for a regular and genuine auditing of government accounts to ensure transparency and accountability.

Barr. Durueke, who spoke to Christian Voice recently, said that reports of such auditing, should be domiciled on the internet for public consumption as it is public funds that are involved.

The lawyer, miffed at the habit of owing workers salaries by the state governments, called for an explanation as to what happened to the public funds entrusted into their hands.

He said that non-payment of salaries affects the economy adversely, adding that no law authorizes any employer to unilaterally cut the salary of a worker or make deductions where such deductions are not statutorily provided for or without collective bargaining with the workers.

He condemned the so-called bailout money from the federal government to states that are distressed, saying that it is not the global practice ad must not be free.

Barr. Durueke, the President of Civil Liberties Organisation (CLO), spoke against the misapplication of such bailout funds on projects that are not of immediate need and which might not be completed after all, thus tying the capital and having to spend more in later years.

He lamented the huge debt burden on states and appealed to the state and States’ Houses of Assembly to be careful in approving borrowings, urging more frugal management of resources.

The human rights activist condemned the lack of public input to budgets, condemning what he termed “blackout” between the government and the electorate when there ought to be a synergy between the two.

“When you analyze the style of governance, you find out that the mentality of our leaders is that of emperors and the citizens, the conquered, watch. What will happen if our representatives make public their phone numbers, e-mail addresses, or other social media addresses for communication?”

While commending President Muhammadu Buhari’s stand to fight corruption, he called on Nigerians to embrace true democratic principles but shun tribalism, nepotism and religious bigotry.


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