Igbo must wake up now or…

By Nick Chibunna

A call has gone to Ndigbo within and in the diaspora, irrespective of their religious, social, political and economic differences to unite now and take their common destiny in their hands, or risk being perpetually irrelevant in the political, social and economic indices in Nigeria.

Religious leaders have also been advised to make winning souls for Christ their priority instead of the present craze for mundane things.

This observation was made recently in Owerri by Chief (Sir) George Idimogu, Director of the defunct Rural Empowerment and Community Health (REACH), a non-governmental organisation for the empowerment of rural communities, while speaking to Christian Voice.

Sir Idimogu who spoke on a wide range of issues, including the activities and role of NGOs in Nigeria lamented that Ndigbo who are distinguished for their entreprenueurship and technological break-through are today at the cross roads with their leaders in disarray, while other ethnic nationalities laugh at them.

Acording to Sir Idimogu, other ethnic groups have effectively organized themselves and adopted a common agenda, the Igbos are busy fighting one another to the advantage of their detractors.

Chief Idimogu decried a situation where key appointments have been made by the Muhammadu Buhari-led Federal Government with nobody from the South East geo-political zone appointed, warning that such impunity portends danger for a nation that is striving for a just and egalitarian society.

On the insinuations that monetary inducements are responsible for the present plight of Ndigbo, Chief Idimogu said that only God would judge those who sell their birth right for a mess of porridge.

On the way out of the present failed status of Ndigbo in Nigeria, Chief Idimogu called for unity of purpose among Igbo leaders, adding that they ought to be their brother’s keeper.

On the state of the nation, he lamented that inspite of the abundant human and natural resources, Nigeria is still groping in the dark. He advised the president to listen to wise counsel in order to move the country forward.

Sir Idimogu said that the nation’s economy is in a comatose as every system is broken down, especially in educational sector.

On the government of Owelle Rochas Okorocha, Sir Idimogu said that his first tenure recorded some glaring achievements but regretted that his second tenure is now characterized with abject poverty, insensitivity as civil servants and pensioners are no longer paid their entitlements. He therefore advised the government to review its policies by concentrating more on human projects than capital projects as that would impact on the living standard of the masses.

On the allegations that some knights are members of secret-societies, Sir Idimogu said although he could not vouch for anybody, anyone who does that is only incurring the wrath of God.

He counseled religious leaders to be focused on their calling, which he said is to make disciples of men, instead of the present wild chase of vanities.

On why some NGOs are not forthcoming in their avowed responsibilities, Sir Idimogu said that such NGOs lack the passion to deliver the good.


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