Power of word in evangelism stressed

By Davey Ozurumba

An Anglican cleric has highlighted the effects of the spoken word, its reasonableness in charting or changing the course of human life, and its need to be used as a vehicle by man to profess God’s message to mankind, especially Christians.

God talked to a number of people in various ways, through visions and prophecies so that they would relay His message to the initiated in their different conditions of life, he said.

The cleric, Rev. Obinna Chimezie of the Cathedral of All Saints Church, Egbu, in his sermon with the theme, THE WITNESS OF THE CHURCH, recalled that the creation of heaven and earth came from the mere words from the mouth of God, stating that nothing enthrall God than happiness, comfort and joyous living of His creation.

Rev. Chimezie thus harped on communication skill as an effective tool in evangelism which should be put in constant use in spreading of the gospel.

Without speech, he declared, “nothing, whether on earth or Heaven, every in the kingdom of darkness, will like meetings, schools, churches etc bear witness to the point at issue.

Rev. Chimezie’s sermon, a touching flash on evangelism, was spiked with annotations from various parts of the Bible.

God, he said, has sent us as watchmen assigned to look after the household, as explicitly recorded in the Book of Ezekiel – “all the words that I command thee to speak unto them, diminish not a word.”

In the same book came the injunction – “If thou warn the wicked at his way to turn from it, if he do not turn from his way, he shall die in his iniquity, but thou hast delivered thy soul”.

Conversely the same text points out, “if the wicked turn from his wickedness, and that is lawful and right, he shall still live thereby”.

Rev. Chimezie therefore warned Christians not to shy away from disseminating the words of God as recorded in the Bible in order to save mankind from eternal damnation, and reeled out 13 pointers of evangelism.

These are: the need to ask questions, listen attentively to any message; need to speak one’s mind; belief in the words of prophets, just as Paul asked King Agrippa, “do you believe the prophets?” need to find points of agreement; and giving ones’ own personal testimony.

The others are, illustration of one’s point with true stories, like Christ’s teachings in parables; recourse to current events;” patient explanation; possession of a broken heart – “those who sow in tears shall reap in joy (Psalm 126 verses 5 v6); be compassionate; be cheerful, zealous and determined, as well as being decisive in one’s opinion.

The service which heralded Women’s August Meeting, the annual concourse of women in the Eastern States at which developmental programmes are hatched, was conducted by Lay Reader (Mrs) Treasure Amadi (wife of the vicar of the Cathedral) who also read the lesson.

Highlight of the service was the launching/sale of Torch, symbol of light, to the packed congregation.


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