“Who says we are against same sex marriage?” (2)

With Rev Canon Chinemerem Uche

In the time past we shuddered at how low the “Pentecostal” class of churches sunk, to the extent of organizing beauty pageantry that required the contesting ladies to exhibit their bodies in the conventional bikini. Yes bikini! Whether worn publicly by the morally poor White man or the very enlightened African, it has no place of ovation in the pure Christian living. The death sentence however is not in the approval or the down grading of our moral values by some of the “mega Pentecostal” churches, but in its entrenchment by some of the mainline or orthodox churches. Even among Muslims, their culture is defined by the Koran. For the Christian, our culture is also defined and guided by the Holy Bible. Unfortunately due to the Americanization or strange radicalization of the Gospel, the culture of some majority of Christians is now being defined and guided by what the West and America judges as acceptable. The human rights violation leveled against Nigeria in the fight against invading terrorists might not really be a violation against her citizen in the course of fighting the terrorists but our refusal to allow sodomy a pride of place in our legal system. How long we can endure the national disgrace occasioned by terrorists is something we cannot say positively.

The plain truth we have to understand is that the global village is being defined in the colours of the gay pride and one wonders if we can afford to remain resolute in our purity. Nigeria may be a corrupt nation but we are not a gay nation! We have been burdened enough by the monster of corruption, how then can we bear the evil of corruption along with the demon of sodomy?

I do not want to say we are in the last days because recent evolution of theological thought has seemingly proven that the concept of eternity was a Pauline advancement to cushion the fear of death and to continue to segregate Christians from those whose love is of pure humanism rather than that of Christ. So to say that we are going to inherit eternal life as Christian and others eternal damnation is to say, to denigrate a loving God who hates nothing he has created. The new level of Christianity therefore seems to say eternal life is a thing of the individual’s mind. Very soon it shall also become a figment of the imagination of religious extremists. Very, very soon sodomy shall be in Africa as it is in America. The average Nigerian is gullible and many of her youths will jump at the opportunity for financial empowerment from her teeming American value conquered kinsmen -who live in the United States. Then the mad rush for the bright and glittering opportunities offered by the West shall be chorused with the theme: “who says we are against same sex marriage?”

Each father and mother is left now with the option to secure their children because the church has already started abdicating her responsibility to be a strong moral and biblical Christ centered defender of the age old faith. (Tears becloud my eyes now… and goose pimples invade my skin!)

If we can confidently therefore defend the “declothing” of our moral values that secured the society from these beastly desires, where a man engages on sexual intercourse with a man, (and vice versa), then hear ye Africans, strike the chord for the choirs of heaven to invite the wearied saints home as the nunc dimitis is sung!



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