Keke driver returns lost phone to charitable passenger

By Gid Ahanonu

The reward for charity was literally spontaneous for Christian Voice photographer, Adonis Amadi, who left his four-SIM-card phone in a commercial tricycle he boarded from Avu to Owerri last Tuesday. Worse still, he switched off the set and could not immediately reach the set to know its fate.

But before the passengers disembarked at Owerri, Mr Amadi paid the transport fare for all the passengers in the tricycle.

In the office, he lamented the possible loss of the phone with its contents, especially, the four sim cards and contacts, preparing his mind to purchase a new set with welcome back.”

However, out of desperation, he borrowed a phone and called one of the numbers in his phone and to his happy surprise someone, the tricycle operator, replied saying he had been trying to reach him all day.

In less than 15 minutes the tricyclist traced Amadi to the office to hand him over the set intact and refused to accept the financial reward the grateful photographer pressurized him to accept.

Many believed that the tricyclist’s gesture might have been prompted by Mr Amadi’s charitable deed to his passengers that morning.


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