Obazu-Mbieri people send ‘SOS’ to Governor …Call for urgent rescue

The important satellite town of Obazu within the Owerri Capital territory, may soon be totally cut off from the other parts of the Imo State capital as the access route, Nkwor-Orji-Orie-Mbieri road is now in a terrible state of despair.

This is due to the uncompleted work on the road before the on-set of the rain with the drainage trapping flood water into big stagnant pools, instead of draining them at various points on the road.

These ‘lakes’ are so massive that trailer and tipper lorries find it difficult to navigate through while motorists with smaller vehicles and tricycles take great risks attempting to ply the road.

Consequently, business activities in the semi-urban community have virtually ground to a halt owing to the difficult accessibility to the area.

Besides, the bad state of the road has created a security problem as hoodlums capitalize on it to raid helpless motorists forced to slow down as they bump in and out of the community.

Some residents of Obazu who spoke to Christian Voice pleaded to the state government to come to their rescue by directing the contractor to create emergency passages to facilitate movement in and out of Obazu.

“Ofcourse, we do not ask the government to resume construction work on the road this rainy period but we plead that temporary measures be taken to create access into and out of our community” pleaded Mr Ehirim who daily travels to and fro his office in Owerri.

Others, despite the inconveniences, showed gratitude to Governor Okorocha and the deputy governor, Prince Eze Madumere for the work on the road.

Said Mrs Vicky Opurum; “This is the first time in about 12 years that a serious work has been done on the road and we are grateful to the governor and his deputy for this I have no doubt that as soon as the rain is over the government will ensure the completion of the project”.

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