Christian Voice Parliament: ……… After killing Fr. Denis what next?

By Nze Louis Onwunali

Fr. Denis Osuagwu is dead and buried. The cloud is gloomy. The ularentians are no doubt in tears with pains. His killers are celebrating and jubilating .The entire Catholic community in the Owerri Pro-ecclesiastical Province are thrown into mourning, so are the neighboring Christians and the polytechnic communities. Man has become wolf to his fellow man, God forbid.

The real question continuously all over Imo State and beyond now is who killed Rev Fr Dr Denis Osuagwu? This humble Catholic priest was callously, wickedly and heartlessly butchered in cold blood in the suburb of Owerri, capital city of Imo State.

The act has thrown the entire Imo State and other Nigerians into confusion as to what may have led to this brutal killing of a clergy man at the broad day-light without qualms. More than what has happened may be in the offing but God in His infinite mercy will unfold it. Before his assassination, Fr Denis was a lecturer in the state polytechnic Umuagwo in Owerri. One may say that Fr Denis has afterall fallen among many that have been murdered in this terrible way by these satanic agents .but his death will unfold many things. Going by what over 85% of those who have had cause and opportunity to interact with him, sincerely regret his untimely death. Who killed Fr. Denis?

They describe him as an epitome of exemplary priest of God, highly principled and who would not compromise truth and discipline for any reason. It may be part of his undoing and unacceptable to the agents of darkness .Fr Osuagwu is unassuming, reliable, painstaking, humble and most importantly very intelligent. He is very patriotic and socializes. Infact many lament his painful sudden death and reinstate that a shining academic stuff has been lost. He had the brain, spiritual and physical gifts as required to emerge from the seminary and finally took the vows of chastity, obedience and poverty to become a catholic priest, thus became the anointed of God. Who killed Fr. Denis? 79″

In the book of life, the Bible, God seriously warned against touching his anointed and also in His ten commandments, he said “thou shall not killn those who kill their fellow human beings and those who hire them to kill, deceive themselves into believing that they have gone free and escaped from being caught but they have done great harm to themselves, their families and to their unborn generations.

It is absolutely destructive to kill God’s creation in his image and likeness and think you have gone free. What about the natural laws? The laws of karma, nemesis and retributive justice which are instant laws facing you while alive. You cannot escape them.

Those who killed Fr Denis and other innocent people definitely have invited curses unto themselves and their generations. With time, they will be running helter skelter looking for prayer-houses and native doctors for deliverances after killing the children of God, No way.

Here, it is worth-while to mention to the killers of Fr. Denis, the divine dignities of the priesthood which will help them to comprehend more fully the magnitude of the calamity they have invoked on themselves.

Priesthood is the most sublime of all created dignities. It is exalted above all earthly sovereignties and also above all celestial heights. The priest is “inferior to God alone but superior to man” says Innocent the Third. No one on this earth can give God as much glory as a devout priest does.

There are many and more divine exalted qualities bestowed on priests that no man therefore can find any justifiable reason to murder him in cold blood as has been done to Fr Denis or any other priest.

God is not happy with the killings of innocent people so far in Imo State and elsewhere. There could be more evil perpetuations under the guise of cultism in this state particularly and Nigeria in general. We must beware and alert.

Let us reflect on Gods reaction to murderers and other evil men and women on earth, hiding in all kinds of things to perpetrate all kinds of evils against others.

“Why do you boast great man of your evil? God’s faithfulness is eternal. You make plans to ruin others. Your tongue is like a sharp razor. You love evil more than good and falsehood more than truth, you love to hurt people with your words, you liar; so God will ruin you forever, he will take hold of you and snatch you from your home; he will remove you from the world of living. Righteous people will see and be afraid; then they laugh at you and say, look, here is a man who did not depend on God for safety, but trusted instead in his great wealth and looked for security in wickedness”. Psalm 52 Vs 1-7.

Those who killed Fr. Denis should never boast about tomorrow for they do not know what will happen between now and tomorrow.

I keep on emphasizing that those who gather and plan to kill fellow human beings do so at a great harm to themselves.

They do not know that there is life after life as well as life after death according to a French author. The spirit of the people killed untimely hang around the earth to hunt their killers everywhere they go including while asleep to avenge. Such people (killers) will never have peace as long as they live. It is equally same to those who aid and abet murdering innocent people for selfish ends.

Now the death of Rev. Fr. Denis Osuagwu has become a daring challenge to the Police, the Security Operatives, the Press, the Christian and the Polytechnic Communities.

The above mentioned communities have serious major roles to play in excavating, unearthing and exposing the killers of Fr. Denis. They should be paraded along all the streets of Owerri, capital city for the public to see the executors of such dastardly act. The killing of this priest should create more awareness to what is about to happen in Nigeria and the world in general.

It is true that the police, the security and the press are not spirits. They need the co-operation of the citizenry because these fellows hide in the homes, share accommodations, attend churches, meet at joints, hotels et cetera with everybody.

To the Police everybody is expecting intensive seriousness spiritually and professionally. It should not be usual story of those who killed the Rev Fr. have been arrested and are cooling off in the cell, while investigations continue. “The culprits will soon be arraigned before the courts” After this hope arising alert it then dies adfinitum. Our police are well groomed and possess what it takes to fish out these fellows. To the press, it should not be after reporting the incident initially with a follow-up from the police report, the drum stops. The public is anxious and waiting to hear from the watch dogs of the society the end result of this killing.

The press should reflect on what happened in the case of Usman Bin Laden who after causing havoc in the United State of America ran away and hid in Pakistan and after protracted efforts of the International intelligence agencies, that failed, the press meandered and got behind the war front and had him interviewed on tape.

To the security, much is expected. The level of secrecy in training so acquired must be maximized to unfold the whereabouts of these fellows that killed Fr. Denis.

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