Don calls on Igbo in APC to quit

By Nick Chibunna

The non-inclusion of any Igbo in President Buhari’s appointments so far has continued to elicit fiery reactions from Ndigbo with a university don calling on Igbo elements in the ruling party to quit.

Dr. Sampson Ekwonna of the Department of Political Science and Public Administration, Imo State University, advised all Igbo APC leaders including their governors and legislators to withdraw from the party enmass and seek for another political platform that would guarantee them equal participation.

He alleged that though Ndigbo labored to build Nigeria, they have today become hewers of wood and drawers of water in the country.

An unemployed masters graduate, 35-year-old Johnson Chukwukere, noted that though he had not been born before the Biafra-Nigeria war, but from his observation, “Ndigbo are under captivity in Nigeria.”

However, the Imo State Secretary of Labour Party (LP), Barr. Sam Osuji called on the Igbo to calm down until the remaining appointments are made.

Speaking almost in the same vein, the immediate past Imo State Commissioner for Tertiary Education, Science and Technology, Prof. Uba Nnabue enjoined Ndigbo not to be overly upset, assuring that God has not finished with His people.


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