Cleric decries influx of Muslims into Europe

An Anglican cleric, Rev. Canon Echi Nwogu, has called for an urgent global intervention to stem the surge of immigrants to the Western world.

He stated that for Muslims, the strategy is a global jihad aimed at overrunning the West, Europe in particular.

Rev. Nwogu, who aired his views in a commentary he posted through the social media recently, called on the developed countries to address the political and economic situations in the other worlds before the migration crisis sinks them.

“Europe and America must understand that the migrants issue is more than it seems. It is both an ethnic and religious cleansing by the moslems in the middle east as well as a choreographed invasion of the already infiltrated western civilized nations they have targeted to overrun and rule in the foreseeable future,” he stated.

He lambasted the Western World which he said, had “become lazy and surfeited in wealth and luxury” adding that history has proved that any civilization that loses personal and corporate discipline and succumbs to pursuit of pleasures usually sinks in a generation or two thereafter.

Canon Nwogu stated that the moslem migrants are well motivated to “push until something gives way.”

“Like the seed in the soil will break through the hard surface to see the light, so shall the deprived souls of the other world would press through to gain access to the Klieg lights of the first world and will conquer the same to rule her within foreseeable generation,” the cleric stated.

Mwogu, a widely travelled cleric and one of the chaplains of the Knights of St. Christopher in Owerri Diocese, feared that the migrants are unstoppable.

Meanwhile, Christains in the Islamic state-controlled town of Qaryatian in Syria have been issued 11 mandates which they must follow if they want to live.




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