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Yet I am among you as the one who serves. V.27

I am nobody’s servant!” I cried out. That morning the demands of my family seemed too much as I frantically helped to find my husband’s blue tie, while feeding the crying baby and recovering the lost toy from under the bed for our 2 – year – old.
Later on that day, as I was reading
The Bible, I came across this verse:
“For who is greater, he who sits at
The table, or he who serves? Yet I
Am among you as the one who serves”(LUKE 22:27)
Regular Jesus didn’t have to wash His disciples’ feet, yet He did in (JOHN 13:5). There were servants who did that job, but Jesus chose to serve them. Today’s society insists that we should aim to “be somebody”. We want the best-paying job, the highest position in the company, the top leadership in church& family etc. Yet whatever position we are in, we can learn from our Savior to serve.
We hold different roles as parents, children, friends, workers, leaders, or students. The question is this: Do we carry out those roles with an attitude of service? Even though my everydayroutine is sometimes tiring, I am thankful that the Master will help me because I do want to follow His steps and willingly serve others. As I personally look back now at my days as wife, mother university administerator part-time broad caster, & ministry worker I marveled @ how I was able to cope. Indeed the grace & mercy of God abounds who serve as unto Him! I am a living witness and so should you!
●Dear Lord, I know that you did not come to be served, but to serve. Sometimes I fail to think of others, but I want to be like you. Please give me a heart like yours.
Onyenweanyi no n’olu

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