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Weep not Ndigbo

By Barr. Clement Udegbe


I AM one of those, who never wished that APC, with President Muhammadu Buhari, PMB, would lead this country. It was not because we supported the ways of the ruling PDP at that time, but because we had our fears, about that change slogan, some of which are now manifesting in PMB’s government.

Our fears included first, that as Christians, the killings and burning of churches will continue under PMB, but will be seriously suppressed from the public. Today, we hear less of the wickedness against Christians in the north. We do not understand why this is so, while Boko Haram has continued to kill in the North East. Over three months of APC government, Chibok Girls are yet to be recovered, for example, confirming our fear that the whole noise about Chibok Girls was to push GEJ, out of power. Politics apart, we are all parents, and those parents, who chose to use the Chibok Girls as propaganda instruments should be hiding their heads in shame, because politics should be fair, and honest, with some integrity.

Our second fear was that PMB has been portrayed as a hater of the Igbos, and that he would not only push the South East to the back bench in his policies as President, but would also initiate actions to Islamise that zone that voted massively for the PDP. In Imo State, which is presently APC, their Governor was generally regarded as having betrayed the Igbo man. Today, that fear has proved genuine, as Governor Okorocha, is the one calling for calm among Ndigbo, in the wake of the appointment by PMB of his Kitchen Cabinet members, to the complete exclusion of the the South East. Governor Okorocha, and his colleagues in politics without identity, would have seen by now that they backed the wrong horse as Ndigbo.

If out of 42 appointments of persons who would have close contact with PMB almost on daily basis, not one Igbo man qualified, in terms of merit and confidence by PMB, what else do they want the man to say? Is the message not clear ?

The best known method for Nigerian Leaders to kill any project is to subject it to what they call ‘a review’. The review of the second Niger bridge is to tell those who are honest to themselves that the project is dead under PMB, and no thanks to the Governor of Edo State, who may claim to be fighting corruption, but his attacks against that project has made him a manifest instrument in the hands of the enemies of Ndigbo. He may have his reasons for teaming up with Igbo haters, my only concern is for Ndigbo who have failed to read this hand writing on the wall.

. Thirdly, we feared that PMB would kill the implementation of the Confab Report, simply because the South East among others has something to gain from it.

It ought to be obvious that the whole efforts to swing power back to the north were to prevent power from getting to Ndigbo, who rather than weep, should brace up boldly, work harder to put their houses in order, and ensure that come 2019, their earnest expectations shall not be cut off, not even by the common sense revolutionists in the South West.

Just like we say in Igbo land, the masquerade that blocks the road upon sighting me, will not shift grounds when he sees others too. Igbo haters will not change till their judgment by God comes upon them suddenly.

Today, all we get are denials of electoral promises, ranging from the election campaign promise that the Price of Petrol would be reduced to N40/Litre if elected, the second Niger bridge for the South East, the provision of thousands of jobs for our teeming un employed youth within the first 100 days, to the promise of being the President for all Nigerians if elected. We are faced with the grim reality of petroleum subsidy removal, Naira exchange rates slides to all time low, while we wait for our mechanic to assemble his tools and men from the north, to come and repair the sick vehicle we call Nigerian economy.

They will need 100 days to assemble tools, 100 days to remove the tyres, 200 days to remove and repair the engine, 200 days to sort out the gear box, 100 days for the electrical and fuel supply system, 100 days to panel beat the vehicle, 100 days to spray it with a new paint, then 100 days to find a suitable northerner to test drive the refurbished vehicle. Ndigbo, this brings us to a total of 1000 days, and that is two years and seven months, thus, the game will continue till 2019, with nothing in it for you, except noise, propaganda, fear, intimidation, denials and hardship.

This type of change cannot favour Ndigbo, who must ignore it, no matter what is done or said, to provoke them. Let the changers face the terrorists, and don’t give them the pleasure to spill Igbo blood in the name of Biafra again.

Even when their hirelings try to create social tension in your zone, just read between the lines and ignore them, because in this Nigeria, this phase shall pass away also, and Ndigbo shall prevail.

Mr Clement Udegbe, a legal practitioner, wrote from Lagos.

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