No reason to doubt…..“Look we for another?” Luke 7:19.


John the Baptist did not doubt the messiahship of Jesus that day at the River Jordan when the radiant dove from the cloven Heavens descended upon Him and the Father’s voice was heard in loving approval—“ This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased…”
Nor did he doubt in any of the bright days that followed. It was only when it grew dark for John himself that he doubted. So it is for so many of us. When everything is bright and sunny, we think we have surely found Christ and we believe He is our friend and our hearts are full of joy. But when troubles come and things begin to appear to be works against us, we wonder whether after all we have really found the Saviour. We begin to question our own experiences. God am I really a Christian? Or is there some other experiences that I must yet have? Listen! Christ does not do just the things we thought He would do for us. Our religion does not support us as firmly as we supposed it would. If we are indeed Christians, why does Christ let us suffer so much and not come to relieve us? So we sink into despondency sometimes losing all hope.
Look at how unnecessary John’s doubt was. Just as needless is all anxiety of Christian people. In our times of darkness of course we must have some earthly trials. “We call them trial of faith.” Christ does not carry us to Heaven on flowery beds of ease, we must expect to bear the cross many a mile. The true way for us is never to doubt Jesus; Suppose we have failures, trials, sickness and disappointments etc,. Jesus is the same loving caring friend as when there was no speck of trouble for us in the world. One song that has lifted my soul in such dark moments is this:(call me for the tune if necessary).
God will do it again
And again and again
He’s the same God today
As He always has been
Yesterday and Today
And forever the same.
THERE’S NO REASON TO DOUBT, God will do it again!