How God saved me from kidnapper’s den -Bishop’s wife

By Sola Ogunse

I am Mrs. Chiwendu Onuoha, the wife of the Bishop of Arochukwu/Ohiafia in Abia State. On the 25th of April around 9.45 pm, some young men came to our house and robbed the entire house before abducting me. They took me to a faraway forest and demanded a 60 million naira ransom. They later reduced the ransom to 30 million naira and then finally to 10 million naira insisting that they have information that my husband, the Bishop, can afford such amount of money, hence their insistence on 10 million naira ransom.
Prayers were held for me everywhere and I did not hold my peace either. I kept calling upon God and He showed up miraculously to prove himself. Eventually, I was released without paying more than 1.5 million naira. The fact remains that it was not the ransom that made them release me because they actually insisted on taking 10 million naira. It was God’s miraculous intervention that secured my release.
I want to call on believers everywhere to always be fully dependent on God in whatever situation they find themselves. God is always present to help us in times of need, provided we can wholly rely on Him. The summary of my experience in the hands of my abductors is just that God shows up to save and deliver his people whenever they are in distress.


…And God delivered me from kidnappers without ransom

I am Victoria Onyekpen, the wife of the Bishop of Akoko-Edo Anglican Communion and by profession, a Chief Magistrate with Edo State Judiciary. It was on Saturday July 11, 2015 while I was on a return journey to my home that some boys came out from the bush and abducted me.
They took me into the forest through a very rough terrain and I sustained some injuries. They had a stopover along the way and ate the food they took from my car at the point of abduction. At the fourth stop over, it was already dark and they needed to rest, so they laid on a stone with their guns beside them. They had warned me ab initio that they meant business and that they were not interested in killing me only if I would cooperate with them.
It was then crystal clear to me that the only saving grace I could enjoy would be from God. I started praying and asking for God’s intervention. They did not demand any ransom at that point and that made me call on God the more. I was looking for a confirmation of God’s presence with me in that ordeal as He (God) has already assured me of His presence. At that point, it started to rain and my abductors were looking for something to cover us all from the rain. I told them not to worry about me; that God would take care of me. I prayed to God again and the rain stopped. At that point they were shocked and asked how I stopped the rain but I told them it was God that stopped the rain. I am sure that made them realize that God actually exists, reigns and rules in the affairs of all men.
Thereafter, they lowered me into a valley through a big stone and the journey continued in the forest. They then demanded a ransom of 10 million naira. They however said they would negotiate and my family agreed to pay them 300,000 naira. They instructed my family members on how the money would be taken but insisted on no security agent’s presence. When they were to go and collect the money, they complained that there were security men all around and threatened to kill me. Later they said they were going to reconfirm whether or not there were policemen there and they all left. It was then I spoke to God to know what next to do. At about 1:30 pm, God told me to move, and that was how God delivered me from them and I walked out of that valley without much efforts.
I want to assure believers that God does not disappoint His people. Keep trusting God and you shall experience His hands in all that you do.


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