ISIS converts Iraqi Churches to Slaughter houses

Ancient churches in Mosul have been used as slaughterhouses by Islamic State militants. According to International Christian Concern, an advocacy group based in Washington, several churches were used for slaughtering animals during Bakr-Eid, the Islamic Festival of Sacrifice.
St Ephrem Syriac Orthodox Church was among them, which was taken over by militants a year ago. In June, ISIS announced that it would be reopened as a “mosque of the mujahideen”. Local Iraqi media reports at the time said it had been draped with Islamic State’s notorious black and white logo, with “There is no God but Allah” and “Prophet Mohammed” written on it.
The Assyrian Monitor for Human Rights branded the latest news just one of a “series of violations of the Daash [ISIS] terrorist organisation of churches and religious temples in the city of Mosul”.

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