Need for widows to be selfreliant

By By Clotilde C. Obinna Mrs

When a married man dies, the responsibility of taking care of the family and giving proper training to his children automatically rests on the shoulders of his widow. Most widows are at a loss on where to begin and how to face the reality of being father and mother alone to their children as the death of their husbands left them totally unprepared for the burden ahead.
Obnoxious widow hood practices and some greedy relations of the deceased compound the problems of the widow in giving proper care and training of her children. The only way for the widow to succeed in the up-bringing of her children is for her to be economically self-reliant Thus those widows who were housewives and are qualified for job opportunities in the public and the private sectors should be assisted for meaningful employment, while those who do not have formal education should be helped to acquire skills that would enable them become self-reliant or even engage in economic ventures that will put food on their tables.
The idea of any widow being totally dependent on others is not encouraging. Rather widows should be encouraged to be self-reliant in all her endeavors .Widows should come out of their shells and embrace hard work for them to succeed in this onerous task of training their children. The parable of the talents given to servants in the Bible should spur them to work hard in order to provide for their families. They should avail themselves of facilities given by some Non-governmental organizations (NGOs), corporate bodies and government for them to be economically self- reliant.
Kudos should be given to JANET DOZIE FOUNDATION that has given new lease of life to widows through the provision of interest free micro credit. In the last four years, the JANET DOZIE FOUNDATION has empowered 1016 indigent widows in the 27 local government areas of Imo state through interest free micro credit thereby putting smiles on the faces of these widows and their children.
Testimonies abound on the number of indigent widows in Imo state that are now economically self-reliant courtesy of micro-credit from Janet Dozie Foundation. The operators of the foundation spend time to lecture the widows on how to invest their resources wisely and the type of business to venture into based on their capabilities before advancing the loans to the widows.
The Janet Dozie Foundation Micro credit scheme is not a once and for all benefit. Those who made judicious use of the micro-credit by applying the fund to their various businesses and are empowered more for sustainability.
In summary, the Foundation is determined to help alleviate the sufferings of indigent widows in Nigeria. Other NGOs, public spirited individuals, corporate bodies and Churches are urged to ensure that poor widows are economically self-reliant for them to live up to their family responsibilities.

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