The essence of Synods

By Sunny Ngwu

Many, including some committed Anglicans, are not quite at home with the interpretation of the naming of the annual synods in the Anglican Church.
For instance, the last Owerri Diocesan synod in 2014 was the 3rd Session of the 19th Synod, while the current one (2015) is the 1st Session of 20th Synod.
According to the tradition in the Anglican Church, each synod has three sessions which lasts for three years.
After three years the synod delegates are changed or re-elected or appointed as the case may be.
Interpreted plainly with regard to the Diocese of Owerri, this year’s synod is the beginning of the session for delegates, hence it is the 1st Session of the 20th Synod which will last till 2017. The 1st session of the 21st synod will begin in 2018.
The Anglican Church is synodically- governed and episcopally -led.
This underscores the importance of synods in the Anglican Church and the unquestioned leadership of the bishops.
Put in a lay man’s language, the synod is the annual general assembly of a diocese represented by delegates from the churches and stations presided over by the bishops.
At the synod, delegates episcopally-guided, deliberate extensively on church, spiritual and mundane matters based on which resolutions are reached at the end of each synod.

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