Cases of deformed babies increase in Imo State

By Nick Chibunna

…Activist vows to take the matter to World Health Organisation

A recent survey by Christian Voice has revealed an increase in cases of deformed babies delivered in both private and government hospitals in Imo state with the prioprietorerss of a private school in Owerri threatening to report the matter to the World Health Organization (WHO) if action is not taken to stop the ugly trend.
The school proprietress, Elder Jane Ukwuoma, while speaking to our reporter lamented that she has 13 children in her school threatened with paralysis said to have been caused by flaws at their birth.
An American citizen and trained educationist with great passion for children, she attributed the worrisome situation to quackery, negligence and wrong applications on the part of health workers who she said were not well-trained adding that the remedy to the situation is to engage qualified personnel in hospitals for child-delivery in hospitals.
She lambasted Nigeria for not taking health issues seriously unlike what obtained in other health- friendly nations, citing herself as an example, as she being an American citizen, the US government still pays 80% of her medical bills.
Speaking to Christian Voice on the matter, the co-ordinator of Women’s Health Physiotherapy at the Federal Medical Centre (FMC), Owerri Dr. Jovita A. Daniel, described the medical condition as “ERB’S palsy” which she described as a common complication among women with fat babies.
She noted that some women with fat babies turned down the alternative of going for caesarean section, preferring to try their luck though they lacked the strength to push during delivery and in the process inflict injuries and tears that could affect the soft tissues of the new born babies.
Dr. Daniel disclosed that the bulk of the cases of weak and broken limbs of new-born babies at FMC are those referred to them from other hospitals accusing most private hospitals of working with professionally–untrained staff because they cannot pay the qualified health workers.
On the payment of compensation to affected families as advocated by Elder Ukwuoma, Dr. Daniel argued that when a parent turns down an expert advice in the form of caesarean-section to help and save life, payment of damages or compensation might not be possible.
Some of the attected mothers who spoke to Christian Voice claimed that they had delivered their babies without complications but were later told that their babies had complications and subsegnenthly referred to the Federal Medical Centre (FMC) Owerri for further treatment.

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