Bishop Okorocha tasks Knights

By Emma Onumah

Knights  and   Ladies  of St. Christopher,   Owerri Ecclesiastical Province, have been charged to remember their calling and mandate, and be worthy ambassadors of the Church, and bearing the gospel of Jesus Christ.
The Anglican Bishop of Owerri, Rt Rev. Cyril C, Okorocha Ph.D, who gave this charge at a Provincial Joint Council of Knights (JCK) meeting held at the Christ the Good Shepherd Centre, Uzii, Owerri, urged the Knights and Ladies, to always respect their Bishops and to ensure that they are accountable to God, adding that, whatever they would do that would remove them from God should be avoided.
Bishop Okorocha, who drew his text from Isaiah 6:8, lamented that the situation in Nigeria today is such that morality and ethics have been thrown to the wind and, according to him, money has not only taken over the place of spirituality, but has become the order of the day in families, the Church and State.
He posited that if God loves you, He will bring you to that level and point, that you think of nothing else but Jesus Christ.
The Diocesan Bishop, who re-emphasized the need for Nigerian children to receive good quality education, warned that, failure to do so would entail removing the future of the children.
On the issue of investituring people into the Scared Order of Knighthood, the Bishop condemned a situation where cultists were made Knights, or people made Knights on the basis of their generous donations to the Church, without asking, or bothering to know the source of their wealth and what they do for a living.
In his remarks, the President-General of the Joint Council of Knights, Owerri Ecclesiastical Province, Sir Samuel Urewuchi, on behalf of the JCK, expressed appreciation to the host Bishop for finding time to be with them and to have a word of advice to the JCK members,
The P.G who is also the Eze of Umueleke Autonomous Community, Ehime Mbano, and Chairman/Chief Executive Saclux Paints, Umuahia, Abia State prayed God to continue to bless the Bishop and his family as well as their ministries.
Preaching at the Holy Communion Service that preceded the JCK meeting and which was jointly celebrated by the Team of Owerri Council Chaplains, the Vicar in-charge, St. James (Anglican) Parish, Uzii, Owerri the Rev. Canon Chris Ogbugh, warned Christians to turn to Christ, as the signs of the end time is not just near but also here with us.
According to him, God does not want us to perish, hence He has continued to warn us to turn to Him, pointing out that “we are now in the dispensation of God’s grace”.
Canon Ogbugh, who captioned his homily: “Pointing out the End of Time” cited some Bible Portions including 2nd Tim 3: 1-9, Matt 24: 3, 2nd Peter 3:11 – 13 on the basis of which he warned that hell fire is not for human beings but for the devil and his demons, if only we would heed the warning.
The clergyman highlighted such vices as violence, insecurity, kidnapping, materialism, money-mindedness, corruption in both Church and State, preference for mediocrity etc. which, according to him, militate against the uprightness of man before God, describing the perilous times as a Third World War without operational basis’.
Earlier in his own comment, the host President, Sir, Gab Oduah commended the JCK delegates, comprising of Council Presidents and some of their respective Council Officers, for turning out en masse for the meeting.
The Owerri Council President, who gave the JCK delegates a brief history of how the venue of the meeting used to be the administrative headquarters of the Old Owerri Diocese, assured them of a good treat during the period of the meeting
Highlight of the meeting was the presentation by the host Bishop of symbolic kolanuts to the President General, as a mark of hearty welcome to all the delegates and another special gift to the President Genera! himself.

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