CAN calls for modern ranches for herdsmen…Opposes grazing reserves plan

The Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, recently rose from its national executive council meeting in Abuja with a resolution opposing a plan to establish grazing reserves for herdsmen in all parts of the country.
On the contrary, CAN proposed to the federal government to establish modern ranches in areas where the herdsmen are predominant, arguing that such an arrangement would be of immense benefit to the herdsmen and their families.
“The ranches will have schools, hospitals and other social amenities,” argued CAN secretary-general, Dr. Musa Asake, adding that “the meat and other products from these ranches will be exported to other parts of the country, thus creating lucrative business and employment for the citizenry”.
Clarifying the reason for CAN’S stand against the proposal, Dr. Asake said its implementation would constitute danger to the peace of the country as the Fulani herdsmen have been associated with violent deaths, lethal injuries, rape, kidnapping and destruction of properties and food crops in their host communities.
In the secretary-general’s words, “they have transformed from herdsmen to mercenaries and even bandits and have converted the farmlands of their host communities into slaughter farms”.

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