BBC radio Presenter leaves job after calling a Christian ‘homophobic’, ‘bigoted’

A BBC radio presenter has left his job after labelling a Christian “homophobic” and a “bigot.”
Iain Lee, the host of BBC Three Counties Radio breakfast show, interviewed Libby Powell from Christian Concern to discuss the case of Rev Barry Trayhorn.
Trayhorn had received a warning for quoting allegedly homophobic verses during a prison service. Powell defended on air Trayhorn’s right to quote the Bible but was lambasted for saying that homosexuality was a sin.
“What he’s [Trayhorn] is preaching is hatred, and we don’t like hate preachers if they’re brown and they’ve got a god that comes from a different religion – we don’t like hate preachers in any way,” said Lee in the interview.
Lee asked Powell whether she “supported bigotry” – and later told her: “You’ve chosen not to question it [the Bible], because you’re a bigot.”

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