Faith in action -(Exodus 2:3)

Today’s story tells of a mother, unknown by name to the majority of people, whose son was undoubtedly one of the greatest emancipators of all history: Moses.
His mother’s name was Jochebed (Exodus 6:20).
Could she have known, that day she committed her three-month-old baby boy to the banks of the Nile (river of death for Hebrew babies, Exodus 1:22) that this was a child of destiny? To her he was “a fine child” (Exodus 2:1), but then what child is not, in his mother’s eyes?
Jochebed’s faith cost her something: fear of the great Pharaoh’s wrath, should her deed be discovered by his executioners. Undaunted, this mother waited in expectation of deliverance for her son.
God had a plan for this boy- and his plan called for cooperation of a mother who would dare to go against the edict of a mighty, godless ruler.
The same Lord has a plan for your son or daughter. Civil powers can make their decrees: No prayer in the schools, no Bible to be read in certain public places. Anti- God factions can spew out their atheism. God is still the “God of Jochebed.” He will take note of our efforts to deliver our own children. “Nursing them with the word of God; “bathing them” in prayer, who knows? We may be entrusted with a “Moses”!

Onyenweanyi No N’ol

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