Let’s dialogue with our youths

with Rev Canon Echi Nwogu

Now that our youths have woken us up and we want to listen and find out what the matter is, we must be thorough and detailed enough. I suggest we use this opportunity to have a widespread meeting of the representatives of the Igbo communities living in Igbo land (as much as possible leaving out the Abuja politicians and sold out brethren in our midst). A meeting at the level of the Igbo leaders of thought or the consultative assembly is on my mind. They should convocate as a fact finding think tank for a lasting solution to the problems of the Igbo nation within the comity of Nigerian nationalities as well as the problems of a true brotherhood within the Igbo nation itself. The representation at this point should involve the present five states of the South East and the Igbo people in Rivers and Delta if they are willingly to join in the discussions as bona fide Igbo people. No one should go about resurrecting the Eastern Region unless the other ethic nationalities in the South South have had their own conclaves and truly desire joint fact finding conferences with their neighbours of old. A lot has happened since 1967/70 and we cannot continue in the illusion that all is well until we clear the baggages we carry that blinds our brotherhood for now. This should be a season of soul searching and reflections for the Igbo and for all the ethnic nationalities. There is so much anger in the land. Boko haram is more than enough of anger display for Nigeria. Nations do not have the luxury of fighting series of civil wars and surviving the blood bath and scars of hatred and destruction.

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