NAFDAC fines Guinness N1bn for infractions?

with Rev Canon Echi Nwogu

The heavy fines are all about IGR. Not customer service concerns. I am still wondering what NCC will do with a fine of over $5 billion in her coffers. The best way to curb the greed and mischief of frivolous fines is to ensure that no agency has the power to issue fines, collect same as IGR and spend same. Therefore FRSC, NCC, NAFDAC, VIO, Ministries of Environment, Planning etc that issue fines and fees should not appropriate the fines as their income but must pay all fines into the state or federation account the same way customs pays in all duties collected into the federation accounts Nigerians know how to abuse power and office to extort money and punish people who refuse to settle with them. We must find innovative ways to curb this tyranny of government officials and law enforcement agents who can contravene, judge, fine and collect at the same time. They, in one go, act as police arresting an alleged offender, investigator and prosecutor and judge and prison warder all in one. And many a time there is no one or authority to appeal to. This is not justice.

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