Seek good and live

With Rev Canon Chinemerem Uche

I know a woman whose words were so strong and influential, she went wherever she wanted and her husband was very careful in not upsetting her.  She was not under the control of her grown up children and boasted that even if they became rich, that she would not be in anyway subject to them.  The way she spoke, sort of signaled that she would go strong to the grave and as a child I believed her boasting.  Toady she sits helpless in her old age unable to cook, unable to employ her powerful voice again and subject to her children.  Her helpless situation reminds me of Amos:
“When a city sends a thousand men to battle, only a hundred will return. When a town sends a hundred, only ten will come back alive.” – Amos 5:3. It was as if the Lord was mocking the once glorious and impregnable Israel who went to war and came back intact.  There were days in which Israel was full of strength and did very great things.  Then gradually this strength began to reduce or wane to the extent that the nation that went to war and came back with victorious songs became a nation that went to war and returned with piles of fallen soldiers, slain by the enemy.  God was reminding them that those days are gone.  How can a thousand men go to battle and return with only ten of them alive?  How can hundred men go to battle and return with only ten alive?  If ten went to battle how many would remain?  O Lord, save us from the things that have taken us captive, save us from our ambitions and lustful desires!
The state of tragic loss reminds me of two scenarios in the Bible which we shall be dwelling on:  Samson and the case of the two sons of Eli. Homphni and Phenehas.  This also reminds me of the great number of our young men and women who gain admission into the universities, colleges and polytechnics well prepared by their parents and local church but who never return alive once they enter the gates of the higher institution.  You may be surprised that I am insinuating that our higher institutions are now killing fields and I boldly say yes, it has become!  What else has one got to live for after the higher institution turns a promising young person into a homosexual or a follower of lesbian cults?  What life is remaining if the university experience ends up in transforming these once innocent faces to cultists, rapists, prostitutes, fraudsters, armed robbers and serial bribe givers and takers?  Our children are returning to us dead.  The most raging killer now is post modernism and what some call humanism.  Our Christian youths are becoming increasingly indignant and antagonistic to Christianity.  Some who were sent-forth by their parents and fellowship are now those leading the crusade against God and His Christ!  What is responsible for this and what can we do to remedy this?
The sons of Eli were born into a flourishing time when things began to improve.  From all indications they were not born into famine and lack.  They were not born into ill health, they were not born into poverty and to say more, they were born into freedom, clout, wealth and respect which they could not earn in order to sustain and entrench it.  Look at what the Bible says about them: (To be continued).

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