8 Women divorced for voting against husbands’ will

Eight house wives were recently divorced by their husbands in Zanzibar, Tanzania after they voted for parties and candidates husbands were opposed to.
Though the election in the semi-autonomoas region of
Tanzania was eventually cancelled, it did not save the marriages as the men reportedly walked out on their wives and children, describing their spouses’ action as “unacceptable rebellion in Islam” to which 99% of the inhabitants are adherents.
A female lawyer activist in Zanzibar, Saada Salum Issa, disclosed that thousands of women in the Island have refrained from voting because of divorce threats from their spouses should they go against their preferences
In her view, “this is really affecting democracy in the Island as women’s free choice is being compromised by their spouses’ dictation.”
However, she conceded that the women are helpless over the matter as there was nothing the women can do to challenge their husband’s action in Zanzibar where 99% of the population is Muslim.

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