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I have heard all the thesis here before except for the first one about the Syrian, Portuguese and Libyan Jewish migrations. That sounds very outlandish. The search for Igbo ancestry and migration paths will continue for long till technology and NDA research progress to a global matching of DNAs to map out the origins of various tribes and nations of the world with their mingling and cross breeding. The Igbo Ukwu and Nri artifacts and other archeological finds across Igbo land including some of the works of Adiele Afigbo are materials and thesis that need authenticating investigation and scientific interrogation.
While many have tried on different theories, I urge all to document for further investigations their stories, tales and myths. The writings of Catherine Achalonu is tantalizing. The assertions of Emeritus Professor of Estate management UNEC, Prof Umeh needs documentation on investigation. One of his assertions is that all migrations started from present day Igbo land out to the rest of the world. He once said to me that the “Igbo bu ndi mbu” and are the fathers of all. Cathrine Achalonu in the “Gram Code” claimed all humanity came from the black stock of humanity. She also wrote on the Igbo spiritual prowess that placed them as powerful medicine men in as far as China in the antiquities and the origins of the father Christmas cap in the Abiriba/Ohafia war dance tail cap in red, black and white striped colours. Both Prof Umeh and Achalonu have mentioned linguistics and language analysis in their propositions and many others who point to the Jewish origins of the Igbo have mentioned the cultural similarities in the ancient Igbo cultural practices with the codifications of the rules of life for the Jews by Moses. The Ahianjoku Lecture series and the later Odenigbo Lectures by Archbishop Obinna are all symptoms of an Igbo search for origins and identity. The search still has a long way to go before authenticity can be achieved. Until the issues of origins is settled, all should apply themselves to the challenges of living and surviving the intrigues of maze and diversities of life in the 21st century global miasma and the Nigerian conundrum of confusion conspiracies for power, wealth and internal colonization. Every people of insight must look inwards for strength and vision to coalesce their archaistic memories and pristine wisdoms plus current realities to work assiduously within themselves and forge unions, partnerships and collaborations with their near and far neighbours to better their prospects for the future of their unborn generations. We may romance the past to seek satisfy curiosities and understand where we are coming from but understanding the present realities and wisely make the choice for optimum collective and cumulative advancement should be the focus of the true visionary leaders of the people.

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