St Andrew’s Aladinma holds annual harvest

By Chinwendu Iburu

St Andrew’s (Ang) Church, Aladinma, Owerri recently held her annual harvest amidst enthusiastic participation of members of the congregation.
Preaching at the service conducted by the Vicar, Ven. Paul Nwozuzu, Engr Emeka  Chukwuocha challenged Christians to help wherever there is the need in the church.
Engr. Chukwuocha, who based his sermon on the theme, “The principle of giving in the House of God,” urged Christians not to give to the Church under pressure nor wait to be begged to do so.
The preacher contended that when Christians freely give for the upkeep of the church, it will not suffer lack as he called on Christians to make giving an important attitude of their lives.
Engr. Chukwuocha further stressed that it is necessary that the church should not lack in order to meet her needs in time of emergency as well as the financial obligations.
He then made reference to 2 Corinth: 9 verse 5 to underline the fact that giving should not be to satisfy one’s need but the need of others, adding that God has promised to open the windows of heaven to pour out his blessings to those who give.

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