The Dasuki matter

This Dasuki matter will be a decider. Fashola answered with ” I don’t sign cheques” and that was enough. Rotimi Amaechi swore “I have never taken a bribe in my life” and that was satisfactory. But Deziani’s I did not take any oil money is unbelieveble and Dasuki will tell us something about the allegations against him. Good for a start. After this everyone accused or alleged to have stolen public funds should not waste our time seeking court injunctions not to be investigated or arrested but must try to appear in court ASAP to clear his or her name.
Whatever it is, it is good for all that we are getting into the open court now to formally hear the allegations and the rebuttals and defence. At the end of the day the truth will be out. Its the secrete trials that would have denied us the facts of the truth about the allegations and the responses. We are knowledgeable enough to hear the allegations and the responses and make up our mind if satisfied or not even if we cannot do anything about it like some of the questionable cases responses we heard at the ministerial screening. Lets have the court proceedings take off and be conclusive.
The change we expect this time is that all cases will reach a logical conclusion and not disapear form view after the media blitz of allegations and purported news of high flying allegations. Let the accusers and accused have their day in court. Until proved in court, its all allegation and the accused is innocent until judged and proved guilty in court. This news media mud slinging and lynching is a shame.

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