2 men arrested over theft of diesel from Glo facility

An eagle-eyed staff of St James (Ang) Church, Uzii, Owerri (name with held) last Sunday nabbed red-handed two young men siphoning diesel from the over-head tank powering the Globacom mast located in the Church premises.
The suspects, one of them a technical staff of Globacom, now cooling their heels in the police net, were said to have arrived at the site in a commercial tricycle laden with eight 25-litre jerry cans about 11a.m when church service was in full session with few people moving around in the compound.
The church worker who caught them said he suspected that something was amiss when he sited one of them atop the tank as, according to him, he had seen Globaconis senior security man at the church service.
On getting closer, he said, he saw that two of the eight jerry cans had been filled as the driver of the tricycle on the ground received the diesel scooped from the tank by his accomplice above and filled the cans.
He said he raised the alarm which attracted some youths of the church who helped to detain them before the police were invited to take them away.
The senior security man of Globacom confirmed to Christian Voice that the chief suspect is a staff of Globacom and has access to the key of the facility.
He, however, blamed the easy access to the compound to the lack of security at the gate as the main gate to the complex comprising the commercial centre of the diocese is always wide open especially on Sundays.

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