Maths and English: Are they compulsory?

On the matter of passes in Maths and English for admission into tertiary education, we must follow global competitive standards that deliver quality education. How we mis-educate and make our children globally uncompetitive in education. By recommending that proficiency in English language is not essential for students going into higher education, we encourage poor quality students who get into the tertiary institutions and become a problem to themselves and their lecturers. How can you do well in your studies and examinations when you do not have a good command of the language of instruction, your text books and your examination. If you cannot read well or study well or understand well or write well, what is your fate in school?. I am sure the governor [is aware of the many graduates of our tertiary institutions including primary and secondary teachers who cannot write or express themselves in good English?
Why must we continue to deceive ourselves and create our own substandard education system to make room for those who cannot meet up with global standards of literacy? We forget the world and make our own rules that make us a laughing stock at home and outside. To be admitted into an American institution for under graduate program, you must show proficiency in English by a good pass in TOFEL (Test of English for foreign students) and a good score in SAT 9Scholarstic aptitude test) And for post graduate studies the Americans want to have an idea of your minimum global knowledge and proficiency so you have to pass GMAT or GRE, all testing you in the basic mental capacity, aptitude, language and maths skills essential for learning and research. Fela once sang this song: Teacher don’t teach me nonesense. Let our leaders stop under developing us and stop this sense of knowing everything including things they are not trained in or know enough to proffer ideas and policies.

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