Muslim converts to Christianity, healed of paralysis

A Muslim man who beat his Christian wife has himself converted to Christianity after God appeared to him in a dream.
According to, a Muslim woman named Gulzhan gave her life to Christ after studying the Bible with a Christian worker.
Her decision to become a Christian in her Muslim community came with intense persecution. Her neighbors ridiculed her new faith.
Gulzhan’s husband, Elemes, also disapproved of her conversion. He beat her often, and one day even locked her out of the house during the winter with no shoes or coat.
But Gulzhan remained committed to her faith.
“God had so filled my heart with His Spirit and joy,” Gulzhan told Frontiers, “that I simply continued singing and didn’t feel the cold as I searched out a place to stay.”
Elemes continued to persecute his wife for her faith, but then God stepped into the situation in a dramatic way. Elemes woke up one day completely paralyzed.
His fear made him turn to God and fear God’s power. God then spoke to Elemes in a dream and told him his paralysis was because he was speaking against Jesus.
Soon after, Elemes repented and turned to Christ, asking for forgiveness for his cruel acts.
Slowly, God restored Elemes back to health after he asked Gulzhan and her small group of Christian friends to pray for him.

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