The Lassa Fever epidemic

To date Imo state and most other surrounding states are not reported to have recorded any case of Lassa fever. The immediate reaction to this is to thank God and owe it to divine intervention that our area has been excluded in the spread of the deadly disease.
But this is no reason for complacency. Our Christian duty is to commit those infected to God’s mercy and care. We should pray that the spread of the disease will be stopped and the epidemic eradicated in no distant time from now.
In addition to this, we would like to see scientific preventive measures put in place immediately everywhere. An outbreak of Lassa fever or any disease for that matter around here is till possible and should not in any case take us by surprise or unawares. Conferences summoned when epidemics have already started are held with panic and a sense of pandemonium. They don’t yield much result. Call it Virology or Disease control centers, such facilities should exist to show we are battle ready for any outbreak of epidemics at all times.
All conferences henceforth on Lassa fever should at the same time consider all other possible future outbreaks of diseases, including Ebola that we miraculously overcame, not long ago.  Warning the citizenry about its role in infectious disease prevention is being emphasized. This is putting the cart before the horse. The Ministry of Health and the hospitals should be more at alert and equip themselves with infectious disease facilities in readiness for any eventualities. We doubt if anything exists in this regard. It is dangerous.

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