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Body Odour …Spritz up your personality

You are having a closed door meeting with the airconditon on and you and your team of executives enjoying a good business deal and sipping good hot coffee/tea/chocolate drinks. Suddenly someone walks in and the whole aroma in the board room turns unbearable? Boommmm! How do you feel? You might even feel like throwing up huh? You might want to excuse yourself in the middle of the meeting and step out for some fresh air and swear never to enter that room till the person that walks in with such bad body ordour leaves? Worse for you if that person happens to be the main guy to seal up the business deal so he is not going nowhere till the end of the meeting. Hahhaaaaaa!! So can you imagine the hell you will be passing through all the time he is there? Probably you people will decide to switch off the aircondition. Will that really stop the ordour? Now you will make that individual to sweat more and smell more.Shhhhhoooott!!! What an unbearable condition …if you ask me!
Now it is not actually a situation anyone would like to encounter on a daily basis but this happens. If you ever manage to put up with the ordor it means, the meeting will be rushed and vital details might be lost in the process of you people trying to end and leave the room. This sounds somehow funny but a very ugly situation that can create ill health for some people as well. You cannot put up with bad ordor and keep breathing such ordor and not feel sick. The air we breathe in should be fresh and clean so any polluted air is unhealthy and body ordor is part of polluted air(unless you have not encountered someone with serious body smell then you will disagree with this).
What causes body ordor in men? First and formost we live in a very hot climate that even when in rainy season as we are in presently, the sun shines like we are in dry season. So you encounter hot sun all year round. Secondly, men in this part of the world we live in care less about body grooming and using good skincare products to pamper their body. There is this belief that good body grooming and skincare are for women only and men who take care of their skin and entire body are feminine. Seriously? With all the heavy sweating and sun damage someone still think that he will sweat all day, goes home and dump the unwashed body on bed and sleep? This does not exclude those in airconditon cars, office, houses who claim they do not sweat. You might not sweat like the person that do his runs on the streets under the sun but you still sweat 24hrs. Your skin pores are open and excretes oils, body fluids that should be washed off at the end of the day or early in the morning.
If you are in the tropics and you neglect your entire body hygiene of taking good bath twice daily with sweet smelling or antibacteria soaps, you are gunning for body ordour. No one is asking you to be creaming your skin like women but just simple bath with good soaps, deodorants daily is ok. Of course as you do this, ensure your boxers, pants, socks, and other underwears are washed daily or changed daily(depending on how many you have). You see a situation where men wear one boxers/pant for almost a week stretch. Haba!!!!!! Kai…how can someone wear one pair of socks, pants for days? Ok let us assume you do not have many to change daily, try wash the ones you have every night and iron them very well.
Now picture a man that does not take night baths with good quality soaps and also wear one pair of socks, pant, boxers for a week without alternating….do you seriously think such a person can avoid body ordor? Again if you see such person, the last thing they will also use are deodorants and perfumes. If you do not enjoy keeping your body clean and neat, making up with deodorants and perfume will not be in your agenda as well. body is dirty and you are probably wearing stained and dirty boxers/pants, their ordor will over take the perfume smell no matter how good that perfume is.

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