The war against corruption is a necessary war, with apparently the best of intentions. But it is undeniable that it is a political publicity stunt as yet, entered into with no preparedness, readiness and or master plan. The approach is thus not all-embracing and coordinated. For instance, where is the fight in the states? Is it only at the federal level that the war will be fought?
Such projects end abruptly when the resources for them are overstretched and have become inadequate to continue, like the man in the Bible people mocked saying, “this man began to build, but was not able to finish”. We entered the war without counting the cost. We will soon discover that what we have as resources for it is in short supply when the war has not gone far.
This does not mean that the war should be discontinued. Those who left it unattended to knew perhaps it would eat plenty of resources needed for attending to other important things. So they cleverly left it alone, feeling that it will be bloody.
The federal government should study the full implications of an anti-corruption war and use clear, effective strategies and tactics that will ensure victory. Not many in the country appreciate the enormity of the problem. The federal government itself has also not mobilized enough muscle to last the frustrating distance it will take to win the anti-corruption war, carrying everybody along all the way. Nigeria must realize that corruption has become endemic and entrenched. Corruption is encrusted and a fixation for the country. It is a substantial part of the government. There is what one may call a corruption culture and a corruption economy. It won’t be wrong to say it is a way of life to a host of Nigerians. It will fight back ruthlessly. Therefore sound strategies much more sophisticated than what we have now must be devised and used if the war will not be lost.
The aim should be to minimize the effect of corruption and to reduce the number of corrupt people. We cannot wipe it out, except we get to the root of it and begin the war from there.

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