Oduah chides Knights who indulge in ungodly activities

By Our Reporters

Knighthood has been described as the highest, title a lay  Christian can take in the church hence knights should avoid taking other titles from anywhere else.
The President of Owerri Council of Knights, Sir Gab Ike Oduah, JP made the above submission in his presidential address recently at the 2016 council meeting held at Cathedral Church of Transfiguration of Our Lord (CATOL), Owerri.
In the address with the theme, “That I may know Christ in times like this, “Sir Oduah noted that some knights and ladies still seek for other gods and titles, while a few involve in sexual immorality and scandals with others involved in church tussles for authority instead of helping to solve problems.
But he quickly stated that” I have not in any way by the above said that many knights and ladies are not being exemplary in their lives. Many surely are but it is said that when a finger gathers palm oil, it affects other fingers”.
On national issues, the president submitted that “today the world is worse than in the days of Sodom” as he reeled out the malaise afflicting today’s  society including the love of money, immorality and idolatry.
He accused the ruling class in Nigeria of bastardisting democracy to democracy as he redefined democrazy as government of a few people for their few people.
In her address, the president, Ladies of St Christopher, Owerri Council of Knights, Lady Pamela Njemanze described the theme of the 2016 chapter as “relevant at this time when we are faced with so many challenges”.
She submitted that “difficult situation may lead to the temptation to solve the problems by resorting to chrisitan or immoral means including false liberation ceremonies and rituals”.
She therefore advised her fellow knights “to pray fervently so that we do not betray our Christian heritage and fall short of what is required of us.”

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