Priest storms out of ‘born again’ Christian’s home …As he stumbles on a charm hidden behind the man’s portrait in the living room

A prominent member of one of the orthodox churches in Owerri (names withheld) recently rued inviting his parish priest to his home to conduct special prayers for his family which ended on a sour note.
Christian Voice learnt in confidence that the parishioner, famous for his zeal in supporting the parish materially and highly regarded as a good Christian, had invited the priest for the family prayers on several occasions which the priest could not honour owing to congested engagements.
However, after service that fateful Sunday, the parish priest kept his appointment with his parishioner to be at his  house by 5pm.
Reports said the intensive prayers lasted for over two honours with members of the family and even neighbors in attendance.
After the prayer and with the priest and his guest in the exquisitely furnished sitting room, the priest was particularly impressed with a painted portrait of his guest and his wife hanging on the wall.
The priest was excited enough that he attempted to lower it to have a closer look but in the process, an amulet the size of a tennis  ball hidden behind the portrait allegedly dropped on the ground.
The stunned priest then asked his guest about the amulet to which he was said to have stuttered; “I use it to protect myself and family, Father.”
“If you believe that it gives you protection why then did you invite me to pray for you and your family?”, the priest asked disappointedly as he stormed out of his parishioner’s residence.

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