Exam malpractice: NECO boss spits fire

By Nick Chibunna

The National Examination Council (NECO), has warned that it will deal ruthlessly with parents, guardians  and school heads who mount pressure on supervisors and examiners to subvert the rules guiding examinations and in the process commit fraud on behalf of their children, wards and candidates.
The Imo State Officer, National Examination Council (NECO), Mrs. B.N. Ogbuji, gave the strong warning last week in an exclusive interview with Christian Voice.
But she disclosed that a crack monitoring team has been put in place by NECO Zonal Office, Enugu to apprehend offenders and bring them to book, adding that the action had become imperative to brighten the battered image of the council.
Mrs. Ogbuji listed some religious leaders as those aiding and abetting  examination malpractices, adding that reports reaching their office revealed that there have been movements of candidates from schools where fraud is not tolerated  to centres where such is allowed.
She said the report indicted some public schools but that the malpractice is more pronounced in private schools which are hell-bent on wooing candidates to their folds.
The NECO Officer for Imo State argued that examination fees in Imo State is high because government does not subsidise them unlike  the case in some states but insisted that NECO examination fee is N11,350 “no more no less”.